ROADSIDE Festival Run Completed

January 25th, 2016

Category: Roadside - Short

After a great run of festivals meeting many great people around the world Roadside picked up various awards and has now completed its festival run. We are extremely pleased with the results and starting on our next project soon.

List of festivals screened with awards 2014/2015 –

Official Selections

Raindance Film Festival – London

Miami International Science Fiction Festival – Miami

Sci-Fi London Festival – London

DragonCon Film Festival – Atlanta, GA

Bendfilm Festival – Bend, OR

Filmquest Festival – Utah

New Filmakers Los Angeles – LA

Fright Night Film Festival – Lousiville, KY

NOLA Horror Film Fest – LA

Maverick Movie Awards – LA


Best International Sci-Fi Short (Fright Night Film festival)

Best Production Design

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