The Cast

January 9th, 2014


Here is my lovely cast for the movie:

Jo Price playing ‘Valentine’

Zack Cain playing ‘Cal’

Natalia Ryumina playing ‘Veronica’

Jacob Gabor (not shown) playing ‘The Stranded Man’

My thanks to all of them.

Over the following weeks/months I will be completing the final edit and vfx. I will keep updating here with pictures and at some point soon a trailer


January 6th, 2014

After a hectic few weeks I have finally wrapped all shooting on ‘Roadside’.

With the shoot being spread over the course of a year in London, Budapest and finally on our set in West London It is with great pleasure that I can now move onto post-production on the film.

I was lucky to have been helped by many friends along the way in all areas of the shoot and would especially like to thank the following people who have helped me so far, hope I don’t miss anyone!


Stu Meridew (cinematographer/camera operator)

Christian Bourne (sound recordist)

Graham Bowen (set build/construction)

Dominic Weisz (set build/construction)

Oscar Weisz (set build/construction)

Sophie Allen (set build/painter)

Nick Cannock (data master/VFX)

Elaine Pearcey (make-up artist)

Jon Tuttle (3D modelling)

Gerard Moore (Smoke FX)

Chloe Clark (general awesomeness and excellence)

Bernhard Pucher (general sagely advice)

Harry and Max at ‘Last Shot Studios


I will be introducing (and thanking) our cast in a post to come soon.